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Messy Play

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Messy Play classes are one hour long, and babies and toddlers are given the freedom to move around at their own pace and explore the structured activities prepared.

All activities are specially created and inspired by different themes such as seasons, educational, special holiday observations in the year and favourite characters.

Our classes do not solely focus on producing an end product, but gives the children an opportunity to learn that its OK to be messy whilst exploring, creating, discovering and using other senses.


The best part of our classes is yu relax, your kids play and have a great time, and we clean up the mess!

About Me

I’m Melissa - I joined Splat after having my beautiful boy Macaulay and returning from maternity leave. You’ll see plenty of him and my lovely niece Sadie at the classes!  I have worked in childcare since leaving school and when the opportunity to join the Splat Franchise came along I couldn’t say no!

I have only been doing this for a few months now but I am having the most amazing time meeting so many amazing mums, dads & grandparents and of course your little ones too.

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Messy Play meets on a Wednesday 10.00 - 11.00.

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