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"We take photos as a return ticket to a past otherwise gone."  

Located just 8.5 miles from Aberdeen, Blackburn (Scots: An Dubh Allt) is a large village just north of Backhill Wood, where small streams form and join into the Black burn from which the village takes its name.


In 1884, Frances Groome's Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland described Blackburn as, “A village near the meeting-point of Newhills, Dyce, and Kinnellar parishes.  It has a post office, a Free church and a public school, which, with accommodation for 87 children had in 1879 an average attendance of 80.”


Blackburn's population rose dramatically from 387 in 1981, to 3,454 in 2022 and as our village continues to grow and prosper, join us for stroll down memory lane....

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Village Life

School Days

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Sunday Worship

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Roads Less Travelled

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News of the Day

People from the Past

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Artist's Sketchbook

If you have any phots of days gone by in Blackburn and would like to share them on our website, then please email them here


We will be happy to upload them and acknowledge the photographer or the people in them.

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